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Official Opening of King Edward astro under Lights!

The 8th of March 2017 marked the official opening of the King Edward VII School hockey astro floodlights opened by trustee and benefactor, Mr James Teeger (Class of 1985) and Headmaster Mr David Lovatt.

In his welcoming of of the guests, Mr Lovatt noted ‘that 2017 was an important year for hockey at King Edward, as new and further projects will take place’. Exciting times indeed for our many hockey supporters and followers.

In attendance were invited guests including Old Boys, School Executives, hockey players and supporters. The lights were turned on as the sun went down which allowed for the KES 1st XI team to play against and show their skills vs an experienced OBA XI. It was the Red Sticks youngsters who took home  a final 4-2 win over the Old Boys’ XI. The game was played in true King Edward ‘spirit’ and enjoyed by the players and invited guests. 

The traditional School war-cry by the OBA and the School boys ended the formal proceedings of the evening and refreshments and eats served at Teddy Bears allowed for more fellowship of Team Red.

The addition of the floodlights to the King Edward VII School astro maximises the value of an investment in a synthetic turf pitch because of the longer periods of use for evening training and/or matches. ‘Friday Nights Hockey under Lights’ is sure to become a firm, favourite fixture at the School as teams from KES, K.E.P.S and the Old Edwardian Society will make use of this state-of-the-art facility.

Funding of the new astro lights was subsidised by K.E.P.S, King Edward Association and Old Boy James Teeger who championed this facility upgrade.

The Tradition of Sporting Excellence continues.

Go School.