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KES Old Boy Robert Peché officially a published columnist!

Red News: KES Old Boy Robert Peché

We love hearing news on our Old Boys across the globe and sharing their successes and stories and hearing that Robert Peché is now officially a published columnist, we had to share with our Red Community.

Robert proudly representing the Class of 2006, has just had his column published for the first time ever in a magazine. Catch his brand new (and first ever) column in this month’s Classic Car Africa!

Robert attributes his success in getting his article published to Mrs Allyson Meyer who taught Robert in 2006 and still today is changing lives, making a difference & instilling a love for English. Robert says, ” I’ve always believed this is thanks to how fantastic Mrs Meyer was as my matric English teacher.”

Robert’s blog (and writing passion) is called Carbs and Coffee South Africa – give it a follow at:


In his full-time job, Robert is an Investment Banker and Corporate Strategist – red class indeed!

Awesome to see our Old Boys following their passion, great motivation for our young lads to know that can do anything and everything they set their minds too.

Well done Robert – we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for your next article and proudly say, ‘he is a KES boy’!

Strenue – Go School.