News Item

KES OBA cyclists ride for TAG Foundation!

Red Cyclists: Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge – done and dusted!

Team Red Army cyclists riding for a great cause TAG Foundation showed wonderful tenacity, grit and determination in extreme heat on Sunday, 18 November! Riding the streets of Johannesburg in the best race showcasing community spirit at it’s very best.

With red army parents, friends, Old Boys and family cheering our amazing warriors en route made the gruelling task bearable, fun and memorable.

Headmaster, Mr Lovatt completed his 1st 947 Cycle Challenge and what kept him going, was that funds raised, would be helping boys, previously unable to, to attend King Edward VII School, through sponsorship of the TAG Foundation. Special thanks to Complete Cyclist for the sponsorship of Mr Lovatt’s bike for this CC 2018.

Special thanks to Jonny Gerber for sponsorship of KES TAG hospitality tent and Glenn Mackintosh for sponsoring the arm sleeves for our Red Army cyclists.


Congratulations to our 70 KES TAG cyclists – you came, you saw and you conquered.

See you all back in 2019!

Go School. Strenue.