Educational Trust

The King Edward Educational Trust

The King Edward Educational Trust was started in 1958 by a number of governors of the Schools. It has been the guardian and vehicle for investment by parents and donors in the Schools over the years, mainly through bursaries and capital projects. It is a legal entity that is entirely separate in terms of governance from the two schools. The Trust has grown and expanded its vision over the past few years, recognising our duty to fully support our Schools.

The Trust has a grand vision, to financially secure both KEPS and KES to remain bastions of excellence and incubators of future leaders, simultaneously making a meaningful impact on public education in South Africa through educator development.

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If you would like more information, please contact the Trust Office:

Ashley Stergiopoulos
Trust Officer
Office: (011)551-5800

Michael Faber
Office: (011) 551-5800
Cell: 083 307 3204


Educational inflation is generally higher than standard published inflation figures. This places huge strain on both the government and the parents and in the long term it is not sustainable to merely increase school fees each year by an amount in excess of inflation. The Schools therefore requires access to funding that it cannot get from its government subsidies or from fee paying parents. This is where the Trust is important in that we hope to build up a large enough endowment fund whereby each year we can allocate income from the fund to KEPS and KES, in order to assist with capital projects, teacher salary top ups, staff housing and bursaries.

The main focus areas of KEET are as follows:

• To raise, manage and distribute funds that support the Schools in achieving their educational objectives
• To play a fundamental role in realising the potential of King Edward learners
• To financially support the Schools in their operational objectives, allowing for the focus to remain on educational excellence
• To raise funds in a systematic and sustainable way
• To maintain and develop the top-class facilities at the Schools
• To support and maintain the School’s status as a model and a leader in the public education system in South Africa
• To construct replicable models of leadership development
• To extend the knowledge and practice gained in this endeavour to the broader public system of South Africa

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Volunteers and Support:
We deeply encourage all Old Boys, parents, and Friends of King Edwards to stay connected with the School by volunteering support, in any shape or form. We hope to see you cheering for our thriving sports teams, applauding our academic achievements, and attending our many cultural and learning evenings.

Unrestricted and Restricted Donations:
An unrestricted donation to the Trust allows the funds to be spent or invested at discretion of the Trustees. This provides important flexibility to the trustees, and allows there to be funds available for unforeseen circumstances.
Donations may also be restricted and used only for the purpose specified by the donor. If there is a particular passion you have or project that you would like to be involved in, restricting your funds is an option available.


Please complete a pledge form if you wish to make a contribution but do not wish to make an immediate payment. A pledge is a promise to make a specified payment or payments within a defined period of time. All pledges will be recorded upon receipt, and acknowledgement of pledge will be sent.

Bursaries and Scholarships

Please consider contributing to a bursary, which are given to deserving, yet underprivileged students that need financial assistance to attend KES or university.
Scholarships are awarded based on merit, to those students that have showcased excellence in academics, sports or cultural activities, and are recognized for their all-round positive contribution to the Schools.

Items and collections of value may be donated directly to the Trust. The contribution of these items may provide the donor with a tax deduction when the value of the donation has been clearly determined. The Trust appreciates all consideration, but reserves the right to refuse such gifts.


Bequests may specify a rand amount or a percentage of your residual estate. As the bequest is for a foundation, the amount of the donation is excluded from the valuation of your estate for estate tax or capital gains tax purposes.

Memorial and Honour Gifts?

It is practice for Old Boys and Corporations to endow gifts to the School to memorialize deceased Old Boys, staff and friends of King Edwards in a noble way. Honour gifts are a great way to pay tribute to those who are alive and well, and would be truly touched by their positive impact on the Schools.